Monday, August 30, 2010

Sarawakian night out sponsored by JPA!

Last friday, I went out with my 4 close Sarawakian friends and we ate like kings! Hahaha. The reason for this occasion?? Well it was a long time since we took the time to just hang out and just chill not only as university friends but as Sarawakians! Yearghhhh! IM PROUD TO BE A SARAWAKIAN! and the night was the courtesy of the JPA-ians (Me and Yip) so our next meet up will be at the expense of the Shell-ians.... hehehe. To be honest, Im regreting not taking shell because Shell just keep increasing its sponsorship money every year. Wish I could say the same about JPA..... since JPA is sponsoring soo many people, they cant afford to increase our allowance which is sad. I'll be lying if I said I wasnt jealous of Jul and Jeff, but what to do, what's done is done. God put me on this path and I have to go all out and complete my task for Him. Enough with money, on to the night, well I went out with Julian, Jeff, Bernard and Yip. We ate at tasty pot restaurant, a all u can eat buffet seafood steamboat. Before our feast, we watched step up 3D at TGV Sunway Pyramid and it was awesome! The story line was the typical step up movie storyline but the dance moves were freaking awesome mannn!!! To sum it up it was worth the 20 bucks! I didnt take so many pics of our day out but nonetheless I did, so Im gonna post them all up in this post. Dont worry, there's not many pics to post up so this post wont be super long.... hahaha

Julian and Yip with the 3d glasses......

Our seafood steamboat pot! We order spicy and herbal soup1! YUM2

Jul, Jeff and Bern eating

Haha, didnt know I took so few pictures.... should take more next time but since my camera is not that good, should consider buying a digi cam. People keep saying that our uni life is the best time of our lives so should get a cam to keep all the fond memories =). There are a few other pics but those pics are 'unrated version' pics hahaha, so to safeguard the 'saham' of someone I shall not be posting up those pictures. But those pics will come in handy in the near future.... hehehe.

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