Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th!

Its weird that today is friday the 13th cos its the month of August, because I'd always thought friday the 13th falls on the month of september. Well, I didnt realize today was friday the 13th until my friend told me it was in class. Before I realize that today was what it is, my luck wasnt that bad. Only when I realized it then my luck started going south. Eventhough my day started off with me waking up late for class which reinforces this myth of a day of bad streaks, but because it was english presentation class I dont think the lecturer didnt mind me being 30 minutes late for a 3 hours class so I dont think that was unlucky. In fact, I should have count myself lucky just for being able to wake up. I set my alarm for 7.30.a.m this morning but instead of snoozing it for like a couple of extra minutes of sleep, I completely turned it off. By that time I was sound back asleep and I'd even remember having a dream before waking up to the reality that it was already 8.00a.m and my class starts at that time. I couldnt remember what I dreamt of but whats even weirder is that I dont recall waking up to the alrm at 7.30.a.m and turining it off. Did I unconsciously turn off my alarm? Is that like normal or anything? Actually this happened to me a couple of times before. Normally if I oversleep for class, I'll just ask my friend to sign my attendance for the class but I couldnt skip this particular class today. I couldnt do so because I had to give a short introductory presentation for the topic I've chosen for the subject. The main points of the topic will be presented in the weeks to come (So not looking forward to that).

After english class, I had design of mechanical elements tutorial class. The tutorial was as informative to me as the cooking instructions they put on the back of every maggie packet. Its not that I know it already, its just that I didnt pay attention and I learn nothing from it airgo the maggie thing cos I dont learn anything from it. Ok I admit that was a bad analogy, but you get the picture. I didnt learn anything from the class because I didnt pay attention and maybe cos I came in late for the class and had no clue on what the lecturer was talking about at the time. The lecturer also doesnt say much he just shows us a sample problem on the projector screen and writes down the solution on the white board. So, I did what I did best, copying blindly. I copied the question and solution without even understanding it. Although this 'skill' isnt one I should have in my student arsenal but it comes in handy when I have to pass up an assignment I knew about last minute.... heheh. Back to the bad luck streak..... I was talking to my friend in class and he's in the same college. I recruited him into the ICT club, but he was kindda reluctant to join so he didnt turn up for the first meeting the night before. He said he was sick that night but I dont think that was the main reason he didnt come. On the night of the meeting, I called him (I wasnt aware he was sick) . He had two numbers so I called one of them, no one answered. I asked him why he didnt pick up the call but he said I didnt call him. To prove he was lying I called the num right there and then. True enough his phone wasnt ringing but the ringtone on my speaker was still ringing. I was like WHAT??.... then who have I been texting all these while?? He was practically rolling on the floor laughing his ass off. I've been testing personal messages to a stranger, its no wonder he (the number) never replied. I couldnt remember who I got the number from but I asked around and I found out it actually belong to my coursemates' friend (I suspect his girlfriend but I might be wrong again)

I was feeling okay in the beginnning of the day but as midday came, my nose mucous just couldnt stop flowing out of my nostrils. I went to PKV but I wasnt feeling so well and I couldnt stop my nose from sniffing. By the way two of my juniors, Evellenie adn Timothy lead worship today which was very encouraging. YOU GUYS DID AWESOME! Evel is an Iban from Sri Aman and although I havnt really talked to her that much but Im making an effort. Its nice to speak my mother tongue ( Well actually I prefer speaking english but Im trying to polish up my iban) once in a while, because there's not that many Ibans in UM, maybe there many but I only know a handfull. Normally, I;ll have lunch with the PKVians after the meeting but I straight away went back to college and sleep. Slept at 2.40 and by the time I knew it I woke up at 6.40. Since the cafe only serves food to the non muslims until 6.30, I missed dinner. Well I didnt skip dinner, I just bought food from the mamak.... hehe. But I think the whole serve until 6.30 thing is quite inconvenient. And now Im writing own the account of my day on my blog. I think frday the 13th is just a myth and people believe what they want to but I dont think its real. My streak of bad luck today is just a coincidence with todays date.

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