Monday, August 30, 2010

Sarawakian night out sponsored by JPA!

Last friday, I went out with my 4 close Sarawakian friends and we ate like kings! Hahaha. The reason for this occasion?? Well it was a long time since we took the time to just hang out and just chill not only as university friends but as Sarawakians! Yearghhhh! IM PROUD TO BE A SARAWAKIAN! and the night was the courtesy of the JPA-ians (Me and Yip) so our next meet up will be at the expense of the Shell-ians.... hehehe. To be honest, Im regreting not taking shell because Shell just keep increasing its sponsorship money every year. Wish I could say the same about JPA..... since JPA is sponsoring soo many people, they cant afford to increase our allowance which is sad. I'll be lying if I said I wasnt jealous of Jul and Jeff, but what to do, what's done is done. God put me on this path and I have to go all out and complete my task for Him. Enough with money, on to the night, well I went out with Julian, Jeff, Bernard and Yip. We ate at tasty pot restaurant, a all u can eat buffet seafood steamboat. Before our feast, we watched step up 3D at TGV Sunway Pyramid and it was awesome! The story line was the typical step up movie storyline but the dance moves were freaking awesome mannn!!! To sum it up it was worth the 20 bucks! I didnt take so many pics of our day out but nonetheless I did, so Im gonna post them all up in this post. Dont worry, there's not many pics to post up so this post wont be super long.... hahaha

Julian and Yip with the 3d glasses......

Our seafood steamboat pot! We order spicy and herbal soup1! YUM2

Jul, Jeff and Bern eating

Haha, didnt know I took so few pictures.... should take more next time but since my camera is not that good, should consider buying a digi cam. People keep saying that our uni life is the best time of our lives so should get a cam to keep all the fond memories =). There are a few other pics but those pics are 'unrated version' pics hahaha, so to safeguard the 'saham' of someone I shall not be posting up those pictures. But those pics will come in handy in the near future.... hehehe.

Movies to come!

This year's almost up with only 4 months to go before 2011..... wow time really does fly. Sometimes I think to myself, where have all the past months gone? I felt as though it was just yesterday when I came back to KL on the 1st of January this year to start of my second semester of my first year. Fast forward 8 months later, Im in the middle of my 3rd semester in UM with only a couple more days before the mid semester break. Mann.... time sure flies! Well enough reminiscing in the past and now I should start looking to the future. In my future, I see, I see....... many cool movies to come! YESSS! What's left of the year 2010 contain many cool movies like Scott Pilgrim Vs The world, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Devil, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER and more. I know most of you will only recognize 2 out of the 4 titles I stated right? For those of you who dont know about scott pilgrim vs the world, the movie is based on the popular comic (well I didnt read it) which tells the story of a boy who falls for this girl but in order to date her, he has to take down 7 of her evil ex boyfriends. The movie has a video game feel to it, maybe Because the comics like that (Im not quite sure cos I didnt actually read it but Im assumingla). By the look of the trailer, this movie's one to look forward to. Devil on the other hand, is a story about 5 strangers who get stuck in an elevator and one of the stranger is not who he/she says to be.... yes you can guess it that person is the devil. The movie's gonna be directed by M. Night Shayamalan (Dunno if I spelled his name right but who cares). This kind of movie is more to his genre and I think its going to be good, but hopefully its not as bad as previous movies he directed like the village(it had the scare factor of a kitten) and the very recent Avatar: The last airbender (I still cant forgive hime for ruining the movie!). I leave you guys with the trailer of Scott Pilgrim vs the world.

Next year's also gonna be jam packed with awesome movies, especially the summer blockbusters! With summer blockbusters of 2011 like Thor(Another marvel superhero to get his own movie), Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (The trilogy was a blast!), The Hangover 2(we all know how popular the first one was), X-Men First Class, Green Lantern, Transformers 3, Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows part 2 (The finale to the worldwide phenomenon that is Harry Potter), and Captain America: First Avenger, hollywood's got me waiting anxiously drooling like a little kid outside a candy store! Hahaha. Next years gonna be a year for movies and I cant wait to watch e'm!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bieber Fever!

Cholera, smallpox and measles, these all were once a pandemic but thanks to the advancement in medicinal technology, all these pandemics were put to rest. But now comes a new pandemic and its sweeping the world and that is BIEBER FEVER! Yes its the incessant sound of Justin Biebers' voice all over the media! Whether it be the radio or the television, this wonder kid has dug deep into the hearts of millions and became a household name in a matter of seconds. Well I dont knw when actually this kid got famous but I know he got discovered through youtube. Well his high pitched voice is all I ever hear nowadays on the radio. Its a though his whole album neatly titled my world 2.0 or something like that is on the freaking radio! Well all the girls are going go go ga ga over him and I have no reason why. I admit he has a good voice but havnt anyone noticed it sound like a girls voice? The kid hasnt hit puberty yet! His voice hasnt cracked yet and can you guys imagine how it'll sound like in the future? It'll probably sound like Lil wayne trying to sing pop songs.... HAHAHA, that's freaking hilarious! But thats a joke la, Im sure his voice will still retain its melodic tune but just slightly lower on the frequency. That would be more pleasing because the pitch he sings right now will definitely get people asking is this a boy or a girl singing. That was my first impression when I first heard one of Justin's single for the very first time and come to know of this pop star sensation. Im not much of a fan of his but I do like it when people start making fun of people especially celebrities. Im not saying it's right, I just find it amusing and artists like Justin Bieber is an entertainer so laughing at him being ridiculed by others is not wrong if it entertains me.... ahaha! Well it benefits me but I dont think it does that much harm to him right? If his self esteem is affected by all the comments made about him by the public, he'll still have a whole load of cash to comfort him right? LOL! Here's a video by the key of awesome and I found it on youtube. I dont know if its a group or something but the videos made are epically funny! This one's about Bieber fever!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Vampires have been all the rage nowadays. If you see the media there's vampire this, vampire that and the list goes on and on. For example the hit vampire tv series thats sweeping the TV industry, vampire diaries and not forgetting true blood. Vampires are mythological creatures that are nocturnal because their skin is super sensitive to the ultra violet rays from the sun. Yes they are immortal and they dont age but the have weaknesses that kills them like a pierce through the heart, garlic??, and the sun. The tv series I've said earlier dont particularly disturbs me, its the stupid Twilight Saga thats super irritating. Stephenie Mayer must have struck gold with her teen vampire novel of hers. Im happy for her but the hype that tweens all over the world give twilight is ridiculous. The book itself to me really isnt that good. I read the first book and I could barely get through it. Ironicly, I bought the second book (up to now I still dont know what had gotten into me to make buy it) but I didnt read it. I read the preface where Bella was realizing she is gonna die and Edward, being immortal and all will not die and when this happens, they wont be together anymore and I was like WTH this is so boring! I can bet you 90 percent of the Twilight fans are tween girls who are struggling and going through puberty. Around the age off 12 to 18 thats when girls start to get into relationships and they are in the constant search for Mr Right. Seeing as though they cant find Mr Right they satisfy their hunger with Edward or Jacob. They all want to have the feeling of being Bella. Struggling between 2 guys and having an immortal vampire boyfriend and desperately wanting to be one of them. Well, this is my theory to all the hype the tween fans are giving but hey Im no expert, I could be wrong but I have a strong feeling Im right. They should realize that its all fiction! None of the characters from the book are real. Edward Cullen and Jacob Black does not exist! So why continue to feed your wild imagination and thinking that you'll ever end up being a clumsy teenage girl who finds a vampire boyfriend and you have a werewolf dude who's into you and that you are caught in between the epic fight between vampires and werewolves. When in fact that never in a million years will that happen! The hype on this Saga is excruciatingly high and just damn annoying. For the past two MTV movie awards, the two twilight movies have been sweeping out all the awards and I fear that this is going to go on until the twilight saga ends *gasps*. That will be in another 2 years time. Yes I said 2 years. Isnt the twilight saga only left with the last book (breaking dawn) to reach the silver screen? Yes it is, only ONE left but it is decided that the movie will be split into 2 parts.... NOOOOOO!! WHY ON EARTH would they do it. Isnt 4 sucky movies enough, the 2nd part to the 4th movie is genocide mann!! In this case, the MTV movie movie awards should be held back until the twilight saga movie has completely ended! Can you believe that The first twilight movie won against the movie batman : The Dark Knight?? Worst thing is that they won the award for best fight scene against the Dark knight! How can this be?? Twilights fighting scene was a piece of crap. I think the scene only lasted for 5 seconds only and the only fighting that happened was Edward being pulled and slam to the floor. Wow what an amazing fighting scene *rolls eyes*. To say that twilights' fighting scene is better than the fight scenes ( singular for twilight and plural for batman, for obvious reasons) of The Dark Knihgt is like saying that Singapore is bigger than Malaysia (in terms of landla). That is an absolute abomination! Imagine Heath Ledger who died shortly after the release of the Dark Knight would to find out all his hard work and amazing skill as an actor that he conveyed onto the movie is beaten by a sissy crappy movie like twilight. He'll be weeping tears man!! In my opinion, the fans who voted really did mess up the MTV movie awards because their endless fanaticism for twilight clouded their judgement. TSK TSK and from me I would say shame on you people. Well what do you expect when the voters are all tweens and most probably girls.

Well enough dissing on twilight, and now I would like to talk about the new upcoming movie, Vampire sucks.... ok I admit this still involves insulting twilight but who cares! This movie is a parody about twilight and it came from the makers of previous movie based parodies like epic movie, disaster movie and superhero movie. I admit from that fact, I can tell that the movie's not going to be that good but Im always up for parodies. Even more a parody on twilight so Im definitely game. Despite it being good or bad I think Im going to enjoy this movie (solely on the fact that it's making fun of twilight). So twilightians or whatever fans of twilight call themselves, dont hate me because Im a hater, if you do, then I have all right to hate you for being a fan. You might think Twilight is a good movie but I beg to differ and I dont think you fans enjoy it for the story which Twilight is but because deep down you guys are hoping it'll turn into reality, more importantly you're reality. Hate me all you want and try to deny it but you know there's some truth in what I say. Well thats it and I leave you guys with a video of the trailer of the movie vampire sucks. The trailer is hilarious! Cant wait to watch the movie!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emo to the max!

Okay, I have this friend. Wait,I dont think friend is the appropriate term to describe the relationship between me and that person. Redo! Okay, I have this acquaintance who is being really emo nowadays. How do I know this? Thanks to social networking, I've been able to keep track of people (even the ones I dont know that well) and see what they've been up to or feeling recently. Which social network, well of course that'll be facebook! Friendster is super yesteryear and...... truth be told I only know these two social networks! Ahahah!I know there's like many other social networks out there like twitter(I thinkla)..... ermmmm okay maybe I dont have the broadest knowledge on this topic but who cares! The point is, this acquaintance of mine has been updating the facebook status with super emo quotes. The quotes written are those that would make a suicidal note look like a fairytale storybook! DAMN FREAKING EMO! I mean, once in a while posting ur emoness on the web isnt wrong but every single new status update is just wrong! When I read that person's updates, I myself begin to feel sad and gloomy. People will be quite worried after reading the posts.... come to think of it, this could be a desperate cry for attention! I know this person to be quite the attention seeker and maybe that person just using this time(that person's going through a change in life which I assume to be the reason for that person's emoness but more on that later) to get people to be worried about that person. But I cant jump into conclusions so Im not assuming bad things about the person. This person is quite a joyful person and wouldnt picture that person to be of this emo level. Well everyone can be emo I know, but I didnt think that this person can behave this way. I guess everyone has a hidden side of them that you dont know. Well after knowing this about this person I suggest to remove all sharp objects and moving that person to the ground floor! Hahah! Just joking la, that person's emo but I dont think that person would go up to the extend of cutting him/herself or committing suicide. Then again, I was wrong about that person before? HAHAH! Okay, I shouldnt make jokes about this matter! Its so troublesome trying to find the right words to refer this person as the 2nd person so Im just gonna call that person anonymous from now on. Anonymous has been posting up super emo quotes and I think I know the reason behind this. Anonymous is going through a big change in anonymouss' life, well not so big to me but to anonymous it is. Anonymous is not going to be staying at the same place anonymous has been staying for the past 2 years of anonymouss' campus life. Anonymous will be going out for practical for a year then anonymous will be staying in a different place in campus from where anonymous is currently staying. I know anonymous has made many friends in the current place of residence and grown attached to it but come on!, moving is not the worst thing in the world! So what if your not gonna be staying in the same place where all your friends are? Just make new friends! It might not be easy but its not impossible!! Change is good! Embrace it and take it up as a challenge to improve yourself. Knowing anonymous, I think anonymous has many things to brush up on I mean at a social level. Im not trying to insult anonymous but I say what I said with concern. If you continue to be super mega hyper emo about a change like this one then I can assure you, you're not gonna live a life well spent. Once again, this is just what I'm thinking and what anonymous do is anonymouss' own prerogative! But for the love of God, just suck it up, take it like a man and stop whinning like a stupid little bitch about it! Sorry for the foul words and abit of cursing but it felt really good to say it! AHAHAH!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy Busy

I have to admit that I've underestimated the amount of work that I'll be getting this semester. Although I'm taking 19 credit hours this semester, yes normal people would be expecting workload stacking up to their waist line with 19 credit hours but me being the opposite of normal, genuinely anticipated a lax and steady workload this semester. Last semester I took 20 credit hours and I realized that the workload last year wasnt that bad. So I expected this semester to be relaxing because its common sense, less credit hours, less work. So I was dead wrong on whats to come in this semester and I am freaking out! I've got to study for upcoming midterms, write lab reports (some I find real waste of time), complete and hand in assignments. To add to that, one of the subject Im taking this semester requires a group and individual project and I just found out I have to pass up the basic outline of the project this week. I've not even got started!! Arghhhh! I guess this is what all university students go through. For me to complain about it thinking that I'm different from everyone else in terms of workload is totally unfair. Everyones busy with their own stuff whether it be college/university organization activities or their studies. Come to think of it, its been like this the past 2 semesters I've been in Uni. Well I guess it only hit me now because now I'm putting more effort and more concentration on my studies. I dont know why it took me 2 whole freaking semesters to give me a wake up call not to play around with my studies but better late then never. I guess seeing my results over the past two semesters have been a big slap in the face! THANK GOD for the wake up call. Giving myself a self evaluation, I would say Im more hardworking this semester but the tendency to laze off is still there. I guess laziness is embedded in my brain, deep in my brain. Actually everyone has the tendency to be lazy but its just the way the person overcomes the laziness differs from one person to the next. Its the drive, the strive to achieve their goal that pushes away the lazy fever. So my goal this semester is to get better grades. Funny thing is that I've been saying this since the mid evil ages. I think theres proof; my previous posts. Over and over I say this but I still take my studies for granted. Thinking that getting over a certain grade which in comparison with the majority of my coursemates is considered good is enough because Im doing well relatively to them, but I've realize that settling for what I've got isnt just enough. My current grade has much room for improvement and thats what Im aiming for. I cant say that Im a total hypocryte because I really did study my ass off the pass two semesters, well only at the last second la.... hahaha! So I've seen the error of my ways and looking to redeem myself. Well Im not off to a good start, but Im hoping to pick up momentum and bust open a good can of ass wooping on my studies! Haha! Im praying hard to God for guidance and wisdom but I know that just I wont achieve it just by prayer alone. God is the provider of all but if I dont put in effort myself, He aint gonna give it just like that. Like everything in life we gotta work hard for it!. In the wise words of Donna Summer, she work hard for the money! Hahaha!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th!

Its weird that today is friday the 13th cos its the month of August, because I'd always thought friday the 13th falls on the month of september. Well, I didnt realize today was friday the 13th until my friend told me it was in class. Before I realize that today was what it is, my luck wasnt that bad. Only when I realized it then my luck started going south. Eventhough my day started off with me waking up late for class which reinforces this myth of a day of bad streaks, but because it was english presentation class I dont think the lecturer didnt mind me being 30 minutes late for a 3 hours class so I dont think that was unlucky. In fact, I should have count myself lucky just for being able to wake up. I set my alarm for 7.30.a.m this morning but instead of snoozing it for like a couple of extra minutes of sleep, I completely turned it off. By that time I was sound back asleep and I'd even remember having a dream before waking up to the reality that it was already 8.00a.m and my class starts at that time. I couldnt remember what I dreamt of but whats even weirder is that I dont recall waking up to the alrm at 7.30.a.m and turining it off. Did I unconsciously turn off my alarm? Is that like normal or anything? Actually this happened to me a couple of times before. Normally if I oversleep for class, I'll just ask my friend to sign my attendance for the class but I couldnt skip this particular class today. I couldnt do so because I had to give a short introductory presentation for the topic I've chosen for the subject. The main points of the topic will be presented in the weeks to come (So not looking forward to that).

After english class, I had design of mechanical elements tutorial class. The tutorial was as informative to me as the cooking instructions they put on the back of every maggie packet. Its not that I know it already, its just that I didnt pay attention and I learn nothing from it airgo the maggie thing cos I dont learn anything from it. Ok I admit that was a bad analogy, but you get the picture. I didnt learn anything from the class because I didnt pay attention and maybe cos I came in late for the class and had no clue on what the lecturer was talking about at the time. The lecturer also doesnt say much he just shows us a sample problem on the projector screen and writes down the solution on the white board. So, I did what I did best, copying blindly. I copied the question and solution without even understanding it. Although this 'skill' isnt one I should have in my student arsenal but it comes in handy when I have to pass up an assignment I knew about last minute.... heheh. Back to the bad luck streak..... I was talking to my friend in class and he's in the same college. I recruited him into the ICT club, but he was kindda reluctant to join so he didnt turn up for the first meeting the night before. He said he was sick that night but I dont think that was the main reason he didnt come. On the night of the meeting, I called him (I wasnt aware he was sick) . He had two numbers so I called one of them, no one answered. I asked him why he didnt pick up the call but he said I didnt call him. To prove he was lying I called the num right there and then. True enough his phone wasnt ringing but the ringtone on my speaker was still ringing. I was like WHAT??.... then who have I been texting all these while?? He was practically rolling on the floor laughing his ass off. I've been testing personal messages to a stranger, its no wonder he (the number) never replied. I couldnt remember who I got the number from but I asked around and I found out it actually belong to my coursemates' friend (I suspect his girlfriend but I might be wrong again)

I was feeling okay in the beginnning of the day but as midday came, my nose mucous just couldnt stop flowing out of my nostrils. I went to PKV but I wasnt feeling so well and I couldnt stop my nose from sniffing. By the way two of my juniors, Evellenie adn Timothy lead worship today which was very encouraging. YOU GUYS DID AWESOME! Evel is an Iban from Sri Aman and although I havnt really talked to her that much but Im making an effort. Its nice to speak my mother tongue ( Well actually I prefer speaking english but Im trying to polish up my iban) once in a while, because there's not that many Ibans in UM, maybe there many but I only know a handfull. Normally, I;ll have lunch with the PKVians after the meeting but I straight away went back to college and sleep. Slept at 2.40 and by the time I knew it I woke up at 6.40. Since the cafe only serves food to the non muslims until 6.30, I missed dinner. Well I didnt skip dinner, I just bought food from the mamak.... hehe. But I think the whole serve until 6.30 thing is quite inconvenient. And now Im writing own the account of my day on my blog. I think frday the 13th is just a myth and people believe what they want to but I dont think its real. My streak of bad luck today is just a coincidence with todays date.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Love the way you lie

I'm bored nowadays so I've been updating my blog quite frequently. This is one song from eminem that I like!, yes I'm not a fan of eminem but this is the exception, haha! Its love the way you lie. Megan Fox is hot in this MV, well she's hot in general. Put her in any video and she can make it sexy. The video co-stars Dominic Monaghan aka Charlie from lost or the physicist in Flash Forward.


I came across this article on yahoo and I thought it was very interesting and informative. Its about 5 signs if your date is into you, to add to that, it also states five signs your date is not into you. Here are the signs:

Five signs your date is into you…

1. She tilts her head
“When a woman sees and feels especially comfortable with a man, she will tilt her head,” Hartley says. A tilt in any direction — right, left or down — are all signs that she’s interested in getting to know you better — say, over another date.

2. She takes a sip when you take a sip
When a woman is drawn to a guy, she’ll instinctively mirror his actions, Hartley says. While men do this, too, women are more likely than men to first begin the copying. What should you look for? “You might notice she will shift her body in the same direction as yours or take your lead for behavioral changes like, picking up a glass to drink or blinking her eyes repeatedly if you’re doing so,” he suggests. If you want to test her, lean forward and see if she comes closer, too.

3. She twirls her hair
Since the beginning of time, a woman’s hair has been celebrated as a symbol of her beauty and power. And it’s true today, says Hartley: If your date begins twirling or playing with her hair while talking to you, it is a good sign she’s into you and subconsciously trying to attract you.

4. She gets a glow
While blushing often means embarrassment, don’t assume that her rosy cheeks are an indication of discomfort. When a woman is attracted to someone, blood flows to her face, causing her cheeks to get redder, Hartley explains. And if your date is smitten, he adds, her lips and even eyelids will get fuller, too.

5. Her pupils dilate
While your gaze is fixed on her, pay particular attention to her pupils, advises Hartley. “When a woman is attracted to a man, her pupils will dilate,” he notes. “Essentially, the body does this in order to allow itself to take in more of a good thing.”

…and five signs your date is not into you

1. She crosses her arms
Did she assume the angry librarian stance? “When a woman on a date places her hands in front of her body — especially if they are crossed — she is closing herself off from the man,” Hartley notes. If you get this red flag, you don’t stand a chance… and she wants you to know it. “Men are not nearly as perceptive as women, so even if she’s not consciously aware of it, a woman knows her body language needs to be very loud,” Hartley explains. “In this instance, that body language reads loud and clear.”

2. She places her bag between you two
“When I ask male friends how a blind date went, step-by-step, and they say‘she put her bag on the table,’ I always know that’s a bad sign,” Hartley says. If your date places her purse — a real and physical barrier — between the two of you, she’s showing she wants to create distance, he says. Not a good sign.

3. She speaks faster than an auctioneer
So she seems to love talking to you? Before you start celebrating, note the speed of her small talk. “Romantic conversation does not occur at the same speed as business conversation,” Hartley says. “Conversation between two people who are attracted typically slows to about three-quarter speed and softens in tone. In fact, most emotional conversation — with the exception of when it is very hostile — is at a slowed cadence.” That said, she may be nervous early in your first date, and her nerves can cause her to spit her sentences out in rapid-fire succession. But if by the end of the evening she’s still going at a rapid rate, consider it a clue that she just wants to be friends at best.

4. She offers you a chin-up smile
Though it’s tempting to interpret any old smile as a sign of interest, all smiles are not created equal. Smiles can say a lot: “I’m polite,” “I’m crazy about you,” and, believe it or not, “I can’t stand you.” The secret to decoding what her smile really means? It’s all in the chin placement. A woman who gives you a relaxed, chin-down “soft smile” is smitten and wants you to dig her back, Hartley explains. A full-on toothpaste grin or stiff and polite smile — both of which generally involve the chin raised up — mean either, “I like you as a friend” or “I wanna get out of here!”

5. She strokes her neck
If your date’s telling you she agrees that you should get together again, that’s a good sign, right? Maybe, says Hartley. “Her body language may be the key to the real truth,” he says. “If a woman is gently stroking her neck when telling you this, it may be a sign that she’s interested, but it is also known to be a sign of lying.” To figure out which message she’s sending, consider the aforementioned “she’s not into you” signals. If she’s also giving you the raised-chin smile and speaking to you over a giant purse, you may want to move on to your next prospect.

I think these signs makes sense but I dont know how true it is, well what to you gals think? Anyway, this article is based on a book entitled I Can Read You Like a Book: How to Spot the Messages and Emotions People Are Really Sending With Their Body Language, damn that's a long title for a book. The book must be huge to make the front cover fit all the words of the title, either that or the font of the cover must be microscopic. Lets face it the book doesnt really have the most catchiest title and its a freaking mouth full! Try saying it in one breath, you'll be gasping for air by the time you finish! Haha! The book is written by this guy name Greg Hartley who happens to be a former Army Special Forces interrogator. I guess his years interrogating payed off, cos I dont think he makes that much in the Army and now He's book is doing quite well in the market (Well I dont actually know if it is but Im guessing it is... hahaha). From the title I think its quite a good book, well to me it is. Being able to read people, their body language and being able to tell a persons personality just by observing what their habbits are is kindda cool. Like the TV series Lie to me is about how this guy can tell whether a person's lying just by looking at their facial and body expression. I didnt actually read the book but Im guessing that's like the content and all but I should consider reading it.... hehehehe not only for the 5 signs things I posted but also to decrypt the actual message a persons actually trying to convey by their body.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Avatar the last airbender the movie

I recently watched the movie and I was totally dissapointed with it. The anime was one of my favourite anime's I watched growing up and now the movie was a big let down. I get that there were a few changes and twists in the story when transitioning from the anime to the movie but the thing that I could not understand is that why on earth would Aangs' name be pronounce as Ang? I mean, M. Night Shamalan had the anime to follow on the pronounsation but why did he decided to change the pronounsation?? Watching the movie in the cinema I felt like screaming saying that its Aang, not Ang! If I were to write all the things I didnt like about the movie, my post will be super long, so instead I will write the things I liked about the movie.

First of all, owh thats right, there's nothing that I liked about the movie! Its total crap man! I weeped after the movie ended. It was one of the worst movie I've seen on the silver screen!! Owh wait there is sumthing I liked! The movie poster was kindda cool! Hahaha

Too bad the anime finished already, would love to watch more of the anime. On the upside, there's word that there'll be a spin off of the anime series titled The legend of Korra. It's set 70 years after Aang defeated the firelord and its about Korra who is the successer of Aang as the new avatar. Korra's a chick and its said that she's kindda like avatar Kyoshi, an independent, hard headed, ill tempered but fun gal. She's already mastered water, earth and fire bending mixed with her characteristics I think she's gonna be a real badass.... hehe. She's suppose to master airbending from Aang and Katara's son so but in the process there is some kind of political distubance or something and the plot revolves around that..... kindda similar to Gundam 00s' plot though but I dont care as long as its good. Since the dude, Joaquim Dos Santos (Cool name btw) who directed most of the cool fight scene in the anime especially the last 2 episodes of the cartoon is involved in the spin off, there's high hopes for cool battle scences for the upcoming spin off! The bummer about this spin off is that I heard it's only gonna be like 10 episodes, which is like half of the normal seasons but I have my fingers crossed that these upcoming 10 episodes are going to be epic!! Hope it comes out soon! If Im not mistaken, its like suppose to come out in 2011.