Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bieber Fever!

Cholera, smallpox and measles, these all were once a pandemic but thanks to the advancement in medicinal technology, all these pandemics were put to rest. But now comes a new pandemic and its sweeping the world and that is BIEBER FEVER! Yes its the incessant sound of Justin Biebers' voice all over the media! Whether it be the radio or the television, this wonder kid has dug deep into the hearts of millions and became a household name in a matter of seconds. Well I dont knw when actually this kid got famous but I know he got discovered through youtube. Well his high pitched voice is all I ever hear nowadays on the radio. Its a though his whole album neatly titled my world 2.0 or something like that is on the freaking radio! Well all the girls are going go go ga ga over him and I have no reason why. I admit he has a good voice but havnt anyone noticed it sound like a girls voice? The kid hasnt hit puberty yet! His voice hasnt cracked yet and can you guys imagine how it'll sound like in the future? It'll probably sound like Lil wayne trying to sing pop songs.... HAHAHA, that's freaking hilarious! But thats a joke la, Im sure his voice will still retain its melodic tune but just slightly lower on the frequency. That would be more pleasing because the pitch he sings right now will definitely get people asking is this a boy or a girl singing. That was my first impression when I first heard one of Justin's single for the very first time and come to know of this pop star sensation. Im not much of a fan of his but I do like it when people start making fun of people especially celebrities. Im not saying it's right, I just find it amusing and artists like Justin Bieber is an entertainer so laughing at him being ridiculed by others is not wrong if it entertains me.... ahaha! Well it benefits me but I dont think it does that much harm to him right? If his self esteem is affected by all the comments made about him by the public, he'll still have a whole load of cash to comfort him right? LOL! Here's a video by the key of awesome and I found it on youtube. I dont know if its a group or something but the videos made are epically funny! This one's about Bieber fever!

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