Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Guess who's B'day is today??...... Its none other than little miss silent chatter box, Sherene..... hahahahaha. Happy Birthday Sherene! Your 18 and legal now..... should go out clubbing..... hahahaha. Its been like 5 months since we all met each other and its all thanks to Petronas Educamp.....Its Eddie, Norman and Sherene

Sigh.... it felt like this picture was taken yesterday..... how time flies by so quickly....
Well, Happy 18th Birthday Sherene! See you back in Kuching!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My First Time Ice Skating!

Well, today I went to Sunway Pyramid with a couple of my friends to go ice skating. The thought of skating through the ice swiftly with pure grace and speed that I can feel the cool and relaxing wind in my hair was so...... was so........well, not me, hahaha, I had the coordination of a hippo on the ice. Well I'm just a beginner, so I cant be too harsh on myself, in fact, I deserve to give myself a pad on the back for doing such a good job on the ice(considering it was my first time) hahahahaha.......... Well ice skating was not a walk in the park for me, I had trouble balancing myself at first and the wall was my "best friend" as I kept clinging on to it for dear life.... hahahahaha. At first I was going at a snails pace man..... seriously, if snails can move on ice, it will beat me in a freaking race! Hahahahahaha......... well, I fell on my ass like only once, and it was damn painful man..... my ass was in pain and shivering at the same time..... hahahahaha........ well Julian and Andrew knows how to ice skate so they helped me and Winnie learn..... well mostly they were helping Winnie out..... I had to learn by myself....... hahahahaha, but I did get some pointers from them..... as time went by, the skates were getting uncomfortable and I had to call it quits early. The skates even gave me a little souvenir to remember them by I got a freaking blister on my ankle from wearing those skates

Another souvenir I got was the gloves from the Sunway Pyramid Ice

Hahaha, I got the spiderman outfit colour ones....

After we finish skating, we took some photos..... well we had to improvise to include everyone in the picture, so..... we used the mirror..... hahaha....... I know some of you might think its vain but we were just lazy to ask some stranger to help us snap a shot....

Andrew, Julian, Winnie and Me

We took a couple of photos but this was the best one..... hahahaha
It was fun ice skating but the falling ass-first onto the cold hard ice, not so fun.... hahahahaha
Next time I ice skate I wanna go faster and more graceful, most importantly not to let my ass hit the ice that much...... hahahahaha, well as they say practice makes perfect.... in this case, I'm gonna need ALOT of practice.....