Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The holidays a comin, the holidays a comin!

Today being the 1st of September means that I only have 2 more days of class left till the mid semester break starts! I Will be holiday-ing for 2 weeks (honestly to me, 2 weeks is just too short, it should be made into a month!! Haha) and I'll be spending it in Kuching! Oh kuching I've missed you so! I miss the tranquility and peace of kuching. Dont get me wrong, I like KL but KL is just to busy and upbeat for my taste. Its always either rushing to a place or getting stuck in a jam (I take the bus thats even worst compared to in a car!. KL is like Malaysia's city that never sleeps and even though the means of entertainment here is limitless(by Malaysia's standards) but I still love that mellow and peaceful environment that I was brought up in that is KUCHING! Now Im counting down the days till the 6th of September which is the day I'll be leaving for Kuching. Downside to the holidays is that I've got a lot of catching up to do in my studies. Im way way way way way behind them and all this while I've been copying notes that I dont understand and even if I try to revise them back nothing sticks in my head. So this holiday isnt going to be much of a holiday because I'll still be doing homework but just the fact that I get to spend it at HOME, thats as good as any holiday gets! I just pray to God that He'll give me the diligence and discipline to study at home! I better pray hard because the week right after the break I'll be having two mid semester tests; ODE (Ordinary differential Equation) and AEM (Applied Engineering Mathemetics). Dont let the title mislead you, ODE is anything but ordinary and AEM is equally as complicated.

Adding to that, workload for college activities have been piling up too. Im the biro head for the publicity department of Minggu Kemerdekaan and my biro is suppose to finish our work by this Friday!! We just got started and I think we need a lot of help to get things done by the deadline. Ohh I hate deadlines, but I guess they're there to keep us in line with our work progression. Without them, I dont think I would complete any work given to me.... hahaha! Dont judge me, I bet there's a billion people out there who would say the same! Sometimes I think to myself, why do I join activities in the Uni because my pointer really isnt that good now and I really have to pick up the slack and these activities are just adding to the pressure. Well I guess this will be good to teach me proper and good time management skills and by the looks of things, I really gotta step up my game. Anyway, joining these activities have their benefits. I get to meet new people and expand my circle of friends aside from my coursemates and also polish up my social skills (Im not saying Im socially impaired but everything has room for improvement). Thats all for now and by the next post, I think I'll be writing from Kuching! Hehe cant wait! Happy Holidays to everyone and to all my muslim friends and readers! Selamat Hari Raya! Boleh dapat duit raya ke? Hehehe

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