Saturday, August 7, 2010

Avatar the last airbender the movie

I recently watched the movie and I was totally dissapointed with it. The anime was one of my favourite anime's I watched growing up and now the movie was a big let down. I get that there were a few changes and twists in the story when transitioning from the anime to the movie but the thing that I could not understand is that why on earth would Aangs' name be pronounce as Ang? I mean, M. Night Shamalan had the anime to follow on the pronounsation but why did he decided to change the pronounsation?? Watching the movie in the cinema I felt like screaming saying that its Aang, not Ang! If I were to write all the things I didnt like about the movie, my post will be super long, so instead I will write the things I liked about the movie.

First of all, owh thats right, there's nothing that I liked about the movie! Its total crap man! I weeped after the movie ended. It was one of the worst movie I've seen on the silver screen!! Owh wait there is sumthing I liked! The movie poster was kindda cool! Hahaha

Too bad the anime finished already, would love to watch more of the anime. On the upside, there's word that there'll be a spin off of the anime series titled The legend of Korra. It's set 70 years after Aang defeated the firelord and its about Korra who is the successer of Aang as the new avatar. Korra's a chick and its said that she's kindda like avatar Kyoshi, an independent, hard headed, ill tempered but fun gal. She's already mastered water, earth and fire bending mixed with her characteristics I think she's gonna be a real badass.... hehe. She's suppose to master airbending from Aang and Katara's son so but in the process there is some kind of political distubance or something and the plot revolves around that..... kindda similar to Gundam 00s' plot though but I dont care as long as its good. Since the dude, Joaquim Dos Santos (Cool name btw) who directed most of the cool fight scene in the anime especially the last 2 episodes of the cartoon is involved in the spin off, there's high hopes for cool battle scences for the upcoming spin off! The bummer about this spin off is that I heard it's only gonna be like 10 episodes, which is like half of the normal seasons but I have my fingers crossed that these upcoming 10 episodes are going to be epic!! Hope it comes out soon! If Im not mistaken, its like suppose to come out in 2011.

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