Friday, August 20, 2010


Vampires have been all the rage nowadays. If you see the media there's vampire this, vampire that and the list goes on and on. For example the hit vampire tv series thats sweeping the TV industry, vampire diaries and not forgetting true blood. Vampires are mythological creatures that are nocturnal because their skin is super sensitive to the ultra violet rays from the sun. Yes they are immortal and they dont age but the have weaknesses that kills them like a pierce through the heart, garlic??, and the sun. The tv series I've said earlier dont particularly disturbs me, its the stupid Twilight Saga thats super irritating. Stephenie Mayer must have struck gold with her teen vampire novel of hers. Im happy for her but the hype that tweens all over the world give twilight is ridiculous. The book itself to me really isnt that good. I read the first book and I could barely get through it. Ironicly, I bought the second book (up to now I still dont know what had gotten into me to make buy it) but I didnt read it. I read the preface where Bella was realizing she is gonna die and Edward, being immortal and all will not die and when this happens, they wont be together anymore and I was like WTH this is so boring! I can bet you 90 percent of the Twilight fans are tween girls who are struggling and going through puberty. Around the age off 12 to 18 thats when girls start to get into relationships and they are in the constant search for Mr Right. Seeing as though they cant find Mr Right they satisfy their hunger with Edward or Jacob. They all want to have the feeling of being Bella. Struggling between 2 guys and having an immortal vampire boyfriend and desperately wanting to be one of them. Well, this is my theory to all the hype the tween fans are giving but hey Im no expert, I could be wrong but I have a strong feeling Im right. They should realize that its all fiction! None of the characters from the book are real. Edward Cullen and Jacob Black does not exist! So why continue to feed your wild imagination and thinking that you'll ever end up being a clumsy teenage girl who finds a vampire boyfriend and you have a werewolf dude who's into you and that you are caught in between the epic fight between vampires and werewolves. When in fact that never in a million years will that happen! The hype on this Saga is excruciatingly high and just damn annoying. For the past two MTV movie awards, the two twilight movies have been sweeping out all the awards and I fear that this is going to go on until the twilight saga ends *gasps*. That will be in another 2 years time. Yes I said 2 years. Isnt the twilight saga only left with the last book (breaking dawn) to reach the silver screen? Yes it is, only ONE left but it is decided that the movie will be split into 2 parts.... NOOOOOO!! WHY ON EARTH would they do it. Isnt 4 sucky movies enough, the 2nd part to the 4th movie is genocide mann!! In this case, the MTV movie movie awards should be held back until the twilight saga movie has completely ended! Can you believe that The first twilight movie won against the movie batman : The Dark Knight?? Worst thing is that they won the award for best fight scene against the Dark knight! How can this be?? Twilights fighting scene was a piece of crap. I think the scene only lasted for 5 seconds only and the only fighting that happened was Edward being pulled and slam to the floor. Wow what an amazing fighting scene *rolls eyes*. To say that twilights' fighting scene is better than the fight scenes ( singular for twilight and plural for batman, for obvious reasons) of The Dark Knihgt is like saying that Singapore is bigger than Malaysia (in terms of landla). That is an absolute abomination! Imagine Heath Ledger who died shortly after the release of the Dark Knight would to find out all his hard work and amazing skill as an actor that he conveyed onto the movie is beaten by a sissy crappy movie like twilight. He'll be weeping tears man!! In my opinion, the fans who voted really did mess up the MTV movie awards because their endless fanaticism for twilight clouded their judgement. TSK TSK and from me I would say shame on you people. Well what do you expect when the voters are all tweens and most probably girls.

Well enough dissing on twilight, and now I would like to talk about the new upcoming movie, Vampire sucks.... ok I admit this still involves insulting twilight but who cares! This movie is a parody about twilight and it came from the makers of previous movie based parodies like epic movie, disaster movie and superhero movie. I admit from that fact, I can tell that the movie's not going to be that good but Im always up for parodies. Even more a parody on twilight so Im definitely game. Despite it being good or bad I think Im going to enjoy this movie (solely on the fact that it's making fun of twilight). So twilightians or whatever fans of twilight call themselves, dont hate me because Im a hater, if you do, then I have all right to hate you for being a fan. You might think Twilight is a good movie but I beg to differ and I dont think you fans enjoy it for the story which Twilight is but because deep down you guys are hoping it'll turn into reality, more importantly you're reality. Hate me all you want and try to deny it but you know there's some truth in what I say. Well thats it and I leave you guys with a video of the trailer of the movie vampire sucks. The trailer is hilarious! Cant wait to watch the movie!

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