Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy Busy

I have to admit that I've underestimated the amount of work that I'll be getting this semester. Although I'm taking 19 credit hours this semester, yes normal people would be expecting workload stacking up to their waist line with 19 credit hours but me being the opposite of normal, genuinely anticipated a lax and steady workload this semester. Last semester I took 20 credit hours and I realized that the workload last year wasnt that bad. So I expected this semester to be relaxing because its common sense, less credit hours, less work. So I was dead wrong on whats to come in this semester and I am freaking out! I've got to study for upcoming midterms, write lab reports (some I find real waste of time), complete and hand in assignments. To add to that, one of the subject Im taking this semester requires a group and individual project and I just found out I have to pass up the basic outline of the project this week. I've not even got started!! Arghhhh! I guess this is what all university students go through. For me to complain about it thinking that I'm different from everyone else in terms of workload is totally unfair. Everyones busy with their own stuff whether it be college/university organization activities or their studies. Come to think of it, its been like this the past 2 semesters I've been in Uni. Well I guess it only hit me now because now I'm putting more effort and more concentration on my studies. I dont know why it took me 2 whole freaking semesters to give me a wake up call not to play around with my studies but better late then never. I guess seeing my results over the past two semesters have been a big slap in the face! THANK GOD for the wake up call. Giving myself a self evaluation, I would say Im more hardworking this semester but the tendency to laze off is still there. I guess laziness is embedded in my brain, deep in my brain. Actually everyone has the tendency to be lazy but its just the way the person overcomes the laziness differs from one person to the next. Its the drive, the strive to achieve their goal that pushes away the lazy fever. So my goal this semester is to get better grades. Funny thing is that I've been saying this since the mid evil ages. I think theres proof; my previous posts. Over and over I say this but I still take my studies for granted. Thinking that getting over a certain grade which in comparison with the majority of my coursemates is considered good is enough because Im doing well relatively to them, but I've realize that settling for what I've got isnt just enough. My current grade has much room for improvement and thats what Im aiming for. I cant say that Im a total hypocryte because I really did study my ass off the pass two semesters, well only at the last second la.... hahaha! So I've seen the error of my ways and looking to redeem myself. Well Im not off to a good start, but Im hoping to pick up momentum and bust open a good can of ass wooping on my studies! Haha! Im praying hard to God for guidance and wisdom but I know that just I wont achieve it just by prayer alone. God is the provider of all but if I dont put in effort myself, He aint gonna give it just like that. Like everything in life we gotta work hard for it!. In the wise words of Donna Summer, she work hard for the money! Hahaha!

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