Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Break!

Im on holidays from Uni now! was waiting a long time for this and now that its here, have no clue on what to do. Usually this time around, my semester break will be from May till July. BUT starting this year, all public uni's will be using the schedule of universities under the 4 seasons climate. This means, my break this semester I'll be on break from May till September!

I have no idea why the government has to implement this schedule. The logic in this according to them is to attract more international students. Personally, I find this reasoning irrational. Why would you want to give more places to outsiders when many local students are complaining they cant get into public Unis. If more international students come in, wouldnt there be less places for local students. Our country is still a young country and it still needs a lot of development. Education is the basis of development, and do you think the foreign students are going to help develop our country? Maybe they will but my take on this issue is that its better to educate our local students so that not only will our country will be developed, our whole nation will. Anyways, Im just saying that this reasoning is not valid for me. However, I do have a speculation on the real reason for the sudden change in schedule. Due to the well being of everyone, I will not disclose my speculation but I'll give you a hint. Its to cater to a holiday which changes dates every year. I wont be surprise in the net couple years, the schedule will change again and the government will give some other 'reason' to change the schedule so that it will co-aline with that particular holiday I mention before. I am definitely not for this new schedule because with the new schedule, I wont be able to go back home for Christmas and Gawai as my examination period will be over that time. Well maybe this change will end up biting them in the ass but they're our so called chosen leaders and lets see if their decisions are in the best interest of the nation or their own selfish benefit. Till my next post.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

They say settling down's the hardest thing

First of all, let me clarify that when I say settling down, I mean settling down to a life routine and not the whole finding the right person to spend my life with and spending our whole lives together meaning. If you thought I was referring to the latter, you are dead on mistaken because Im still too young for that stuff and there's also the fact that I have no 'candidates' in my life...... OR DO I? Thats another post for the future, huhu.

I digress, so back to the matter at hand. What's in my head you ask, well the reason why the title of this post is as so is because, I cant seem to settle down into the life of University! I feel bored that Im confined to the life of classes and books. I think its just a phase in my life that I feel discontent with whatever I have. No matter how much it dawns upon me that Im in university to get an education and books and classes are just the norm that comes with it but I just cant seem to shake this feeling of dissatisfaction.

I hear people telling me that university is probably the best time in ones life and that we should really enjoy it to the fullest; exploring our capabilities and shortcomings by engaging ourselves in all that it has to offer. Thinking back over that statement, I ask myself whether am I making full use of my so called 'best time of my life' term? I myself dont know. Well there's no gauge to actually measure this which makes it even harder to evaluate. The ending of this semester marks the end of my second year here which means that half of my time here has pass. Thinking back, I could always extend another year just to get more out of uni, but thats out of the question. We've all got to move on in our life and university life is just one segment in our whole life and be that as it may, the best time in our life but everything has to end. Knowing it will eventually come to an end and I've only got 2 years left makes me wonder if what I've done so far was gratifying?

What are my emotions? A little bit of everything I would say. Happy that I've come to know many awesome people Im proud to now call my friends. Sad that there are those simple minded people who shun me because of difference. Angry that not everything went as I would have liked it to go. Regret that I could have done things better than I've did. Hardship from all thats done. Confused whether as to I chose the right path in life. Fearful of the future that lies ahead of me. Why am I so theological in this post, I also have no idea. The stress of upcoming exams together with the feeling of homesickness could be one of the reasons.

I know I left many question unanswered but believe me, I'll would gladly answer them if only I knew. Now Im feeling so emo, at the bright side at least I have the look to go with it. Haha. Until my next post

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools day came early this year!

Before I start this post, let me emphasize that the joke thats's in this post is an extreme exaggeration and my intent is not to hurt any parties feelings.

Traditionally April fools day falls on the 1st of April but this year, it came one day earlier which is on the 31st of March. Why is this so? Thats because the biggest joke I got that day was my college dinner! HAHAHAHA! Relax people, this is a joke okay? Im so sorry if I hurt anyones feeling but once thought of, this joke just had to come out! Im still laughing to myself when I think of it... LOL! Okay back to the post. Well I didnt think it was that bad but there were certain things I didnt really enjoy during the dinner. First and foremost, the FOOD! The portion was quite little and come on people, its a dinner for college kids! Its not a dinner for senior citizens or cancer patients (I apologize for this remark if some are offended), its of HEALTHY COLLEGE STUDENTS!! College students eat a lot! So by the end of the dinner my stomach was only filled to half of its capacity. The lychee dessert tasted a little funky and according to my roomate, it tasted like pesticide. How he knows how pesticides tastes like Im not sure and Im pretty sure I dont wanna know, but I kinda get what he's saying. It tastes like cough syrup but the bitterness is tenfold! The performance was not really entertaining. I dont blame the performers, I blame the sound system. The sound of the musical instruments got drowned out by the musicians voices and I couldnt really get into the beat of the music. This problem also had something to do with the fact that I was sitting quite a distance from the stage.. heheh. But the planning committee had time to think of all these kinks and potholes that may arise and also solutions to these problems. Once again I aint blaming anybody though it may sound like I am but Im just giving my opinion.

Nonetheless I did have fun during the dinner and I have to congratulate the planning committee and all involved for a dinner that was, I wont say well executed but.... ermmm executed? Im trying my best to give compliments. Until my next post

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This weekend will be the general election for the University of Malaya and these past few days, candidates are allowed to campaign whether it be in faculty or college. I personally think that some people are taking this election too seriously. Im not trying to say that electing a good and capable student representative is of no importance, but there's a fine line between peace and chaos. There's been a number of newspaper articles written on the things that went down during this time and most fell short of bringing pride to UM. The campaigns done by the respective candidates of each party has went a little overboard with parties performing protests and in the process of these protests, properties were damaged. What kind of message are we sending to the public on how University Malaya students conduct ourselves. Moreover, these candidates could be the future leaders of our country. With that being said, is it justifiable to resort to such actions just to be heard. It was only back before civilization had been properly erected that men resorted to brute force to achieve their goals, and to me theres no difference between then and now. Is this what we are reduced to?? Is a seat in the University's democratic board of such value that we it may be trade with rationality? To the candidates who've brought the spotlight upon UM for these acts I have nothing to say to you and all I can do is a shake of head as a sign of disapproval.

I know that its not right for me to jump to conclusions and to assume the worst in people and that I should listen to their side of the story as there's always two sides to a story but lately I think this statement is a bit of a Cliché. To justify what I just said Im gonna let you guys in on what happened. For an election to happen there must be candidates to run. In UM, theres generally 3 parties that constitutes the election and they are Pengerak who are the ones for the current UM administration, PRO-UM who are the ones who are against the current UM administration and Bebas who are the free parties that fight for the rights constituted by themselves. Ok I admit, Im not quite sure about the bebas party but its something like as mentioned. Candidates will run for either two seats which are the umum (general) seat which gives them authority over the student council of the whole University and the faculty seat which is self explanatory. Before the election candidates are to hand in their candidacy and what happened is that 7 candidates of the PRO party were disqualified by the current University administration due to reasons Im not clear with myself. However, 3 of the candidates's disqualification had been lifted on the day of the naming of the candidates but it couldnt be said same for the remaining candidates. Feeling that the decision was a little one sided, the PRO party decided to protests for the lifting of the disqualification of the remaining candidates. The party waited outside the deputy Vice-Chancellors office from morning till evening but throughout the period, the DVC refused to meet them giving the excuse of a busy schedule. So to get her attention, they decided to force open her door and the newspaper article said that they even broke down the door. Contrary to the the article, witnesses said they merely loosen the door out of its hinge. Although the damage was minor but they could be charge under breaking and entering. As for another story, it was said that a person's car window got broken during this protest. Im not sure of the truth behind this story but if it is true then shame on them. Sometimes our need to achieve our goals can bring out the worst in us and its safe to say that this election has been nothing but a hassle. A hassle to deal with all the empty promises that have been said (not entirely true but its what I think), a hassle to see debates escalate to a screaming competition and thats just the tip of the iceberg. College security has been tighten to prevent unwanted trouble to arise due to certain campaigns and although my faculty is adjacent to my college I am force to walk a long distance just to go to class despite it being close.

Whatever written in this post is JUST MY POINT OF VIEW and you can choose to agree or disagree. Dont take the perception of others as an insult and dont always get the compulsive need to get people to agree with you ALL THE TIME. We're all entitled to our own opinions. Im not hurting, degrading, insulting or causing anyone negative outcomes for that manner so I think Im entitled to this! Owh ya, a shoutout to a few of my friends running for the election!! All the best tou you and if elected guys, please try to stay with your word and make our University a better place

Monday, February 14, 2011

Back and back again

As for you followers, you guys can recall I said I was gonna update my blog more often Well things were going fine a few months back but as the months passed essence slowly drained from my promise till it was dryer than a bone. Now its nothing but an empty promise. Its been 3 months since I've wrote on my blog but I guess I just have a habit of breaking promises. Im not saying Im a guy who make promises that I dont intent to keep Im a trustworthy guy I can assure you that but this habit only applies to this situation which is updating my blog, ahaha. As the saying goes old habits die hard. I just cant help but to be preoccupied with other obligations and to forget to update my blog. Lets just say updating my blog doesnt really ranks in high in my to-do list. Im sure there will be a drought period between my posts in the near future but once again Im gonna try to update my blog as frequent as I can. Yes people, I have once again said it again and again but I have a feeling Im ganna be back in this situation again thus creating an endless cycle which leads me to the title of this post hahaha. Despite the inevitable incapability of frequently producing a post in my blog which renders the latter statement redundant but its just nice to say this again and again on my blog as a constant reminder to myself to try to commit to my blog. Im not hurting anyone by not updating my blog (I hope) hehehe.

It was Valentine's Day yesterday and as many people come to know its a day when a person shows their affection to that special someone in their lives. Who's my special someone you might ask, well Im still searching..... ahaha. A lot of people had posted all sorts of sappy stuff like music video of love songs, status regarding their affection towards their better half and what not and I think thats kinda cool.

On another note, I watched the movie 'Its kinda funny story' today. Its a comedy/romance which was one of the highlights of the day. Well it basically was a no contest situation because besides laughing at one guy making a fool of himself in the talk by the Vice-Chancellor of UM(thats another story,) I pretty much did the same things I normally do on a weekday/schoolday which I dont think counts as doing something because its like a routine. But seriously the movie's good and I give it two thumbs up. All of a sudden I become overwhelmed with super sentimentalness and it probably has to do with Valentine's Day.

Anyway life goes on and Im hoping my blog will do the same. As for now Im signing off from this post. Until my next post. Buhbye

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just wanna leave this town........

There's quite a big time gap between my latest post and the previous one. Guess I got caught up with other things and I wasnt feeling in the writing mood at the time. Now Im pretty bummed out and I feel as though Im spiraling in an unending vortex of negative emotions. I have no idea as to why these emotions are finding their way into my heart but I just cant help but to succumb to them. I guess Im just sick of the place where I am right now. Though I have friends and all here, in fact I have family here but nothing compares to the warmth of your own home! I just wanna leave this town and head home! I miss KUCHING! Now Im like super emo wanting nothing else but to head back home! However, books are all I have been seeing lately and not forgetting the weeks to come as my exams are starting this week. Dunno why UM's schedule so weird giving us 3 weeks study break as compared to the traditional 1 week. Though it gives students more time to prepare but personally, I just wanna get it over with! Maybe my homesickness is affecting my judgement here and I bet majority students will the thrilled to be given 3 weeks to prepare for their finals but to hell with it, its another 3 weeks more I have to be here and thats 3 weeks less I get to be at home, so YA Im sad bout that.

But, my parents are coming to KL early December so Im psyched about that because I get to stay with them and not at my current place of residency. I dont know why Im so sad here but.... well actually I know exactly why I dont like it here but not to hurt any parties feelings I shall hold its disclosure. With emoness there's happiness and nothing brings me more entertainment than watching How I met your mother! Here's a clip from the latest episode of this epic series and I have to say I always end up laughing my guts out watching this particular clip. NPH is seriouly funny!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The holidays a comin, the holidays a comin!

Today being the 1st of September means that I only have 2 more days of class left till the mid semester break starts! I Will be holiday-ing for 2 weeks (honestly to me, 2 weeks is just too short, it should be made into a month!! Haha) and I'll be spending it in Kuching! Oh kuching I've missed you so! I miss the tranquility and peace of kuching. Dont get me wrong, I like KL but KL is just to busy and upbeat for my taste. Its always either rushing to a place or getting stuck in a jam (I take the bus thats even worst compared to in a car!. KL is like Malaysia's city that never sleeps and even though the means of entertainment here is limitless(by Malaysia's standards) but I still love that mellow and peaceful environment that I was brought up in that is KUCHING! Now Im counting down the days till the 6th of September which is the day I'll be leaving for Kuching. Downside to the holidays is that I've got a lot of catching up to do in my studies. Im way way way way way behind them and all this while I've been copying notes that I dont understand and even if I try to revise them back nothing sticks in my head. So this holiday isnt going to be much of a holiday because I'll still be doing homework but just the fact that I get to spend it at HOME, thats as good as any holiday gets! I just pray to God that He'll give me the diligence and discipline to study at home! I better pray hard because the week right after the break I'll be having two mid semester tests; ODE (Ordinary differential Equation) and AEM (Applied Engineering Mathemetics). Dont let the title mislead you, ODE is anything but ordinary and AEM is equally as complicated.

Adding to that, workload for college activities have been piling up too. Im the biro head for the publicity department of Minggu Kemerdekaan and my biro is suppose to finish our work by this Friday!! We just got started and I think we need a lot of help to get things done by the deadline. Ohh I hate deadlines, but I guess they're there to keep us in line with our work progression. Without them, I dont think I would complete any work given to me.... hahaha! Dont judge me, I bet there's a billion people out there who would say the same! Sometimes I think to myself, why do I join activities in the Uni because my pointer really isnt that good now and I really have to pick up the slack and these activities are just adding to the pressure. Well I guess this will be good to teach me proper and good time management skills and by the looks of things, I really gotta step up my game. Anyway, joining these activities have their benefits. I get to meet new people and expand my circle of friends aside from my coursemates and also polish up my social skills (Im not saying Im socially impaired but everything has room for improvement). Thats all for now and by the next post, I think I'll be writing from Kuching! Hehe cant wait! Happy Holidays to everyone and to all my muslim friends and readers! Selamat Hari Raya! Boleh dapat duit raya ke? Hehehe