Wednesday, January 21, 2009

La de da

Ok, I know its been a long time since I've blog, so this blog is just to break the fast.... hahahaha. Actually, alot of stuff happened since my last post, Christmas, New Years, going back to Shah Alam, staying overnight at McDonalds Seksyen 2.... but I dont want to get into the details..... cos I dont have much time..... now Im having computer class as we speak... so Im trying my best to type while listening to my lecturer....... Truth be told.... I dont really listen when he talks cos I'll be preocupied using the internet. This is the only time I have access to a GOOD internet connection. My neighbour in my hostel has broadband but its speed is so frustratingly slow!! I have to wait 10 minutes just for the home page to pop up!!.... Once again, the suckiest thing about here is that I dont have access to the internet when I want to..... Knowing that there are new episodes of TV series I love but I cant download them is tormenting.... arghhhhhh. To finish this post off.... I would like to inform to the whole world that I got a band 5 for MUET..... hahahaha I was so relieved, although getting a band 6 would have made my day even more but what to do.... I had very little preparation for MUET.... Shockingly, only 2 people got a band 5 in course.... one of course is yours truely, the other one is insignificant..... hahahahaha just joking.... SHE is vey briliant indeed. I even beat most of the Law students..... Word in campus was tat only a handfull of Law students got band 5...... out of like almost half a thousand Law students.... hahahahahaha.