Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emo to the max!

Okay, I have this friend. Wait,I dont think friend is the appropriate term to describe the relationship between me and that person. Redo! Okay, I have this acquaintance who is being really emo nowadays. How do I know this? Thanks to social networking, I've been able to keep track of people (even the ones I dont know that well) and see what they've been up to or feeling recently. Which social network, well of course that'll be facebook! Friendster is super yesteryear and...... truth be told I only know these two social networks! Ahahah!I know there's like many other social networks out there like twitter(I thinkla)..... ermmmm okay maybe I dont have the broadest knowledge on this topic but who cares! The point is, this acquaintance of mine has been updating the facebook status with super emo quotes. The quotes written are those that would make a suicidal note look like a fairytale storybook! DAMN FREAKING EMO! I mean, once in a while posting ur emoness on the web isnt wrong but every single new status update is just wrong! When I read that person's updates, I myself begin to feel sad and gloomy. People will be quite worried after reading the posts.... come to think of it, this could be a desperate cry for attention! I know this person to be quite the attention seeker and maybe that person just using this time(that person's going through a change in life which I assume to be the reason for that person's emoness but more on that later) to get people to be worried about that person. But I cant jump into conclusions so Im not assuming bad things about the person. This person is quite a joyful person and wouldnt picture that person to be of this emo level. Well everyone can be emo I know, but I didnt think that this person can behave this way. I guess everyone has a hidden side of them that you dont know. Well after knowing this about this person I suggest to remove all sharp objects and moving that person to the ground floor! Hahah! Just joking la, that person's emo but I dont think that person would go up to the extend of cutting him/herself or committing suicide. Then again, I was wrong about that person before? HAHAH! Okay, I shouldnt make jokes about this matter! Its so troublesome trying to find the right words to refer this person as the 2nd person so Im just gonna call that person anonymous from now on. Anonymous has been posting up super emo quotes and I think I know the reason behind this. Anonymous is going through a big change in anonymouss' life, well not so big to me but to anonymous it is. Anonymous is not going to be staying at the same place anonymous has been staying for the past 2 years of anonymouss' campus life. Anonymous will be going out for practical for a year then anonymous will be staying in a different place in campus from where anonymous is currently staying. I know anonymous has made many friends in the current place of residence and grown attached to it but come on!, moving is not the worst thing in the world! So what if your not gonna be staying in the same place where all your friends are? Just make new friends! It might not be easy but its not impossible!! Change is good! Embrace it and take it up as a challenge to improve yourself. Knowing anonymous, I think anonymous has many things to brush up on I mean at a social level. Im not trying to insult anonymous but I say what I said with concern. If you continue to be super mega hyper emo about a change like this one then I can assure you, you're not gonna live a life well spent. Once again, this is just what I'm thinking and what anonymous do is anonymouss' own prerogative! But for the love of God, just suck it up, take it like a man and stop whinning like a stupid little bitch about it! Sorry for the foul words and abit of cursing but it felt really good to say it! AHAHAH!

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