Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just wanna leave this town........

There's quite a big time gap between my latest post and the previous one. Guess I got caught up with other things and I wasnt feeling in the writing mood at the time. Now Im pretty bummed out and I feel as though Im spiraling in an unending vortex of negative emotions. I have no idea as to why these emotions are finding their way into my heart but I just cant help but to succumb to them. I guess Im just sick of the place where I am right now. Though I have friends and all here, in fact I have family here but nothing compares to the warmth of your own home! I just wanna leave this town and head home! I miss KUCHING! Now Im like super emo wanting nothing else but to head back home! However, books are all I have been seeing lately and not forgetting the weeks to come as my exams are starting this week. Dunno why UM's schedule so weird giving us 3 weeks study break as compared to the traditional 1 week. Though it gives students more time to prepare but personally, I just wanna get it over with! Maybe my homesickness is affecting my judgement here and I bet majority students will the thrilled to be given 3 weeks to prepare for their finals but to hell with it, its another 3 weeks more I have to be here and thats 3 weeks less I get to be at home, so YA Im sad bout that.

But, my parents are coming to KL early December so Im psyched about that because I get to stay with them and not at my current place of residency. I dont know why Im so sad here but.... well actually I know exactly why I dont like it here but not to hurt any parties feelings I shall hold its disclosure. With emoness there's happiness and nothing brings me more entertainment than watching How I met your mother! Here's a clip from the latest episode of this epic series and I have to say I always end up laughing my guts out watching this particular clip. NPH is seriouly funny!