Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mechanics of material

This semester Im taking 20 credit hours and though it may seem alot, I've noticed that Im more free compared to last sem, well in terms of classesla, but the assignments, projects, reports and what not without a doubt, hands down, undeniably beat the crap out of last sem. Every single week I had either an assignment to do or a report to finish and that doesnt include tutorials. The main source of the infinite number of assignments that I had to do was MECHANICS OF MATERIALS. Owh how I despise this F-ing subject. Haha, I blame the lecturer for this, but I have to put some blame on myself too for not trying hard enough. For some reason, eventhough I give a 100% effort to listen in class for this subject but nothing just goes in my head. Its all s-steress and s-sterain... maybe Im put off by the lecturer's slang.... I just dont understand. The ironic thing is that at the beginning of the sem, one of my coursemate was really put off by this and he kind of rebelled and responded to the lecturer rudely so I advised him to be patient, and late sem the roles are reversed as Im the one complaining and my coursemate's the one advising me..... ironic isnt it?

The cheryy on top of my misery in this subject is that my chances of getting a good grade for this subject is abismal!!! I mean no chance at all. Frosty the snow man has a better chance of suviving in the Sahara desert than me getting an A for this subject. I consecutively failed the 4 tests the lecturer gave so I can kiss this subject goodbye! Im kindda upset with that because after each test I genuinely taught that I had a chance of passing the tests but every single time Im WRONG..... celaka punya. Its not that I didnt study for the tests at all, I gave it my best everytime, but I guess my best isnt good enough. Now Im not having hi hopes for finals, but I cant give up just yet. According to my estimations, the best I grade I can get (By God's grace) is an A-, so Im hoping for the best and giving it my all for the finals!! I still have enough in me to fight for this subject!! heres a little poem(dunno if can consider a poem or not) I came up especially for this 'wonderful' subject

I gave it my all but I guess you've let me down,
You just can help but to see me frown,
U may have me pinned flat on the ground
But Im not out just yet I aint fooling around

Mechanics of materials why do you hate me so?
Why are you such a stranger to me? Why are you a John doe?
But brief acquintences can become real good friends,
So believe me when I say that this is not the end.

Hahaha.... I think professionally its wrong in terms of the number of syllables and what not, but I dont care, I just want to make it ryhme!

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