Monday, February 14, 2011

Back and back again

As for you followers, you guys can recall I said I was gonna update my blog more often Well things were going fine a few months back but as the months passed essence slowly drained from my promise till it was dryer than a bone. Now its nothing but an empty promise. Its been 3 months since I've wrote on my blog but I guess I just have a habit of breaking promises. Im not saying Im a guy who make promises that I dont intent to keep Im a trustworthy guy I can assure you that but this habit only applies to this situation which is updating my blog, ahaha. As the saying goes old habits die hard. I just cant help but to be preoccupied with other obligations and to forget to update my blog. Lets just say updating my blog doesnt really ranks in high in my to-do list. Im sure there will be a drought period between my posts in the near future but once again Im gonna try to update my blog as frequent as I can. Yes people, I have once again said it again and again but I have a feeling Im ganna be back in this situation again thus creating an endless cycle which leads me to the title of this post hahaha. Despite the inevitable incapability of frequently producing a post in my blog which renders the latter statement redundant but its just nice to say this again and again on my blog as a constant reminder to myself to try to commit to my blog. Im not hurting anyone by not updating my blog (I hope) hehehe.

It was Valentine's Day yesterday and as many people come to know its a day when a person shows their affection to that special someone in their lives. Who's my special someone you might ask, well Im still searching..... ahaha. A lot of people had posted all sorts of sappy stuff like music video of love songs, status regarding their affection towards their better half and what not and I think thats kinda cool.

On another note, I watched the movie 'Its kinda funny story' today. Its a comedy/romance which was one of the highlights of the day. Well it basically was a no contest situation because besides laughing at one guy making a fool of himself in the talk by the Vice-Chancellor of UM(thats another story,) I pretty much did the same things I normally do on a weekday/schoolday which I dont think counts as doing something because its like a routine. But seriously the movie's good and I give it two thumbs up. All of a sudden I become overwhelmed with super sentimentalness and it probably has to do with Valentine's Day.

Anyway life goes on and Im hoping my blog will do the same. As for now Im signing off from this post. Until my next post. Buhbye

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