Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools day came early this year!

Before I start this post, let me emphasize that the joke thats's in this post is an extreme exaggeration and my intent is not to hurt any parties feelings.

Traditionally April fools day falls on the 1st of April but this year, it came one day earlier which is on the 31st of March. Why is this so? Thats because the biggest joke I got that day was my college dinner! HAHAHAHA! Relax people, this is a joke okay? Im so sorry if I hurt anyones feeling but once thought of, this joke just had to come out! Im still laughing to myself when I think of it... LOL! Okay back to the post. Well I didnt think it was that bad but there were certain things I didnt really enjoy during the dinner. First and foremost, the FOOD! The portion was quite little and come on people, its a dinner for college kids! Its not a dinner for senior citizens or cancer patients (I apologize for this remark if some are offended), its of HEALTHY COLLEGE STUDENTS!! College students eat a lot! So by the end of the dinner my stomach was only filled to half of its capacity. The lychee dessert tasted a little funky and according to my roomate, it tasted like pesticide. How he knows how pesticides tastes like Im not sure and Im pretty sure I dont wanna know, but I kinda get what he's saying. It tastes like cough syrup but the bitterness is tenfold! The performance was not really entertaining. I dont blame the performers, I blame the sound system. The sound of the musical instruments got drowned out by the musicians voices and I couldnt really get into the beat of the music. This problem also had something to do with the fact that I was sitting quite a distance from the stage.. heheh. But the planning committee had time to think of all these kinks and potholes that may arise and also solutions to these problems. Once again I aint blaming anybody though it may sound like I am but Im just giving my opinion.

Nonetheless I did have fun during the dinner and I have to congratulate the planning committee and all involved for a dinner that was, I wont say well executed but.... ermmm executed? Im trying my best to give compliments. Until my next post

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