Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Break!

Im on holidays from Uni now! was waiting a long time for this and now that its here, have no clue on what to do. Usually this time around, my semester break will be from May till July. BUT starting this year, all public uni's will be using the schedule of universities under the 4 seasons climate. This means, my break this semester I'll be on break from May till September!

I have no idea why the government has to implement this schedule. The logic in this according to them is to attract more international students. Personally, I find this reasoning irrational. Why would you want to give more places to outsiders when many local students are complaining they cant get into public Unis. If more international students come in, wouldnt there be less places for local students. Our country is still a young country and it still needs a lot of development. Education is the basis of development, and do you think the foreign students are going to help develop our country? Maybe they will but my take on this issue is that its better to educate our local students so that not only will our country will be developed, our whole nation will. Anyways, Im just saying that this reasoning is not valid for me. However, I do have a speculation on the real reason for the sudden change in schedule. Due to the well being of everyone, I will not disclose my speculation but I'll give you a hint. Its to cater to a holiday which changes dates every year. I wont be surprise in the net couple years, the schedule will change again and the government will give some other 'reason' to change the schedule so that it will co-aline with that particular holiday I mention before. I am definitely not for this new schedule because with the new schedule, I wont be able to go back home for Christmas and Gawai as my examination period will be over that time. Well maybe this change will end up biting them in the ass but they're our so called chosen leaders and lets see if their decisions are in the best interest of the nation or their own selfish benefit. Till my next post.

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