Friday, April 9, 2010

Study Week!

Its that time of a sem again when all classes are finished and students are given a week to study for final exams. For we it will be watching all my friends (well most of them) go back to their respective hometowns. When I asked my friends whether their going home for study week they will be questioning whether its rhetorical or not and obviously the answer will be OF COURSE DEFINITELY POSITIVELY YES! Well most of my friends, some of them choose not to go back cause they wouldnt be able to study at home. I feel the same way but home sounds good to me right now, but being 'overseas' doesnt give the convinience of going back home anytime I want. So I'm in college as I see most of my friends pack their things and head on home and I feel a tad bit of emoness coming on cause I feel like going back home myself. BUT! I am sure that is a bad choice (not that my home is a bad place) because I wouldnt study at all!! Seeing as though my results for the first sem is not that good, I am aiming to push up my grade point average and I constantly remind myself of my goal this sem which is to get deans list! Seems like an impossible thing right now cause I've been failing a certain subject.... mechanics of material. That subject is crazy hard. Those people who has the perception that engineering students have it better off than medical students you'll be eating you're words when you try this subject on for size. I dont know why most people have this misconception?? I mean just cause you're gonna be a doctor or a pharmacist or someone who save lives doesnt push you up a higher standard than others right? Sorry to those who might take this to heart but Im just saying what I think is right. This doesnt apply to medical students alone, those who think they have to struggle more or their education standard is higher than others you can take that narrow minded thinking and shove it up your backside!! Hahaha, taught I was gonna that word aey? Haha now Im trying not to practice using foul words.

My roomate just went back home this morning, well one of my roomate, my other roomate decided not to go back cause he prefers to study here. As for my emoness, I cant stop to feel abit sad and I keep listening to this song titled running away by Midnight hour. Its a nice song and its about running away from a certain place/person, well obviously! The title is self explanatory.... hahaha. I always have an eye for the obvious, LOL!. I can relate to this song cause I feel like Im sick of being away from home actually its college but I love my college and I want to say it in a way that doesnt make me sound like I despise my college. Ok, I feel as though I want to run away back home and leave everything behind! I dont know how to say this but lately when I see certain clicks in college I just feel like screaming at the top of my lungs and say to them stop being so close minded!! We just dont click with certain people maybe because we just dont have common interests or most importantly common language. I try to talk to them but everytime I try I am meet with defeat and they dont seem to respond to my effort at all. I mean for something to work between two parties, there must be mutual effort by both parties. If only one person tries and the other person just doesnt give a hoot then how does a relationship spawn? Just cause they have their own click doesnt mean that they have to distant themselves from everyone else! I may have the same traits and tend to hang out with my own click but what to do?, when in rome do as the romans do. Its kinda different from where I'm from. Where I'm from no one's a stranger, well not literally, what I'm trying to say is that they are more friendly the people fom where I'm from. I might be wrong I might be right but this is what's on my mind. Thats why everytime I see 'these' people, my emoness is triggered and I will be so low spirited. But with God as my pillar, I'm sure I get through this. Why are my posts becoming so emo lately? I question myself all the time? Should I be so emo? Sometimes I have to let my emotions show, well certain emotions not all. If I keep it bottled inside I dont think I will be able to handle the pressure when it all erupts. Thats why its good for us to have someone we can express our feelings to whether its God or your good friend, we all need support and strength.

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Mei Shim said...

First and foremost, all the best in your finals.

Second, humans are humans. We can't deny the fact that some have blinkers on. They prefer seeing things their way and not the bigger picture.

Hugs. God bless.