Monday, April 5, 2010


Its been a whole year since my last post!! Actually I came upn it by mistake. My roomate told me that he has a blog so he showed me his blog and I was 'Hey I got a blog too' So I went on and showed him my blog site and when I saw the date of the last post which is 5th April 2009, I immediately had to post up a new post with the title above! Hahaha so much has changed in the last year. Im in a different Uni(University Malaya) Thank God... hahaha no offense to my previous Uni.... hehe. Im taking BS in Mechanical Engineering and right now Im about to finish my first year. By the next sem I shall not be known as a first year anymore but a sophmore, I think thats the right term for second year... heheh. Im staying in Kolej Kediaman Tuanku Bahiyah (Second College) which so happens to be my aunties college also when she was studying here. Not to mention the neighbouring college of my dad's ex-college (First College). ALOT happened during my first year, met new friends, got to know my coursemates a whole lot more, truth be told I only got to know my coursemates better in the second sem... haha. I joined PKV (Persaudaraan Kristian Varsiti) and I am currently upholding the post of vice secretary. Not the best post for me cause I dont like writting, but Im training myself to write more cause I need a way to express myself. Being away from my family for quite along time and all the events happening with college and Uni activities, these things take a toll on my emotions. But with new friends and good friends, I still have something to hold on to when I feel myself slipping from emotional stability..... hahaha as if Im that emotional. If I were to write everything that had happened in the past year it will take me a whole lot of time and a whole lot of web pages to do so. Therefore I will not post anything regarding the things that happende to me for the past year. Too bad guys but dont be dissapointed, theres more to come in my life and I promise you that there will be plenty of new and exciting posts in the near future. Haha I talk as if I have a world known blog and tons of people reads it LOLS. I hope that I will update my blog more frequently *fingers crossed* cos Im sure theres more to come on..... My life as a teenage Redwin.... to think of it, Im not a teenager anymore so I should really change the title of my blog, but I dont fell like it, anyways the current title has a good ring to it.

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