Friday, November 14, 2008


Who knew quite a long time could be less than 24 hours.... hahahahahahaha, go figure. Im blogging now cos Im bored to death, cos I cant download episodes of Gossip Girl season 2. I managed to download like only the first eight episodes but then I cant seem to download the 9th and the 1oth!! Argghhhh!!..... rghost is driving me up the freaking wall!! Everytime I try to download them, half way through it suddenly fails!! This is so F-ing irritating!!..... now I have to rely on limewire, which is soo freakin slow!! Somebody save me please!!! Anyway, theres like nothing good on Tv nowadays..... so now Im practically depending on my computer for entertainment, and now that I have run out of Gossip Girl Eps to watch, I have no means of entertainment....... and now im on the verge of insanity due to the dark abyss of boredom!!! Sigh..... neways, went to pizzahut for dinner tonight with my parents...... catch up with the family. Im kindda missing my other siblings..... my two big sis and my ever persistent pescuring older brother........ Although in Shah Alam Im like living 10 minutes away from my sis, is like I hardly see her and my brother in law, cos they are like super busy all the time. Well they both have their own life and they have to make a living, so I cant complain. But I did get to spend the night at their place the night before I flew back to kuching. It was so cool of Diane and Yupiter to let me stay there for the night and send me to the airport the following day. Most of all when picking me up from my hostel, I had like a truck load of luggage, I could barely fit in the car with all the luggage, hahahahahaha thanks you guys for putting up with me..... love you guys. But mind you, not all the stuff were mine, some of them were my friends cos they had no other place to put their books so they ask to put them at Diane and Yupiters' place. Once again thanks to Diane and Yupiter for allowing me to put my stuff at their place.... my oldest sis is in Sabah and my bro is in Labuan....... studying..... sigh..... next time we all gather as one big happy familia is Christmas.... so cant wait!!... Well, actually I can cos by then I will only have like a week of holiday left, so not so ecstatic bout that....... hahahaha. Till I dunno wen; wen Im bored or sumthing.....................

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